101 Mobility Wheelchair Auto Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts for Vans, Trucks & Cars

It’s time to hit the road when you have a new auto lift installed by 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico.  We have a variety of lifts fit for all sorts of vehicles including vans, SUVs, sedans and pickup trucks. Customers can choose an interior and exterior auto lift to help transport their mobility device from point A to point B! These convenient lifts do not require permanent vehicle modifications.

To learn more about our available auto lifts, check out the information below, or give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today!

bruno sedan auto lift

Sedan Auto Lifts

At 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico we have auto lifts made specifically for compliance with sedans. Exterior and interior models are available for many sedan makes and models. An exterior sedan auto lift holds your mobility device on the of outside your vehicle during travel, while an interior lift places your mobility device either in the trunk space or the backseat of your sedan.

Our exterior sedan auto lift models include:

  • 101 Mobility AL100
  • 101 Mobility AL010
  • 101 Mobility AL300
  • 101 Mobility AL030
  • Bruno ASL 225 Outsider Micro

Our clients can choose from the following interior sedan auto lifts:

  • Bruno ASL 350
  • Bruno ASL 325 Space Saver
  • Bruno Offset Space Saver
  • Bruno ASL 400 Scooter Lift

Call us at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today and we can help you determine the best sedan auto lift for your particular vehicle!

SUV auto lifts by 101 Mobility and Bruno

SUV Auto Lifts

Enjoy complete travel accessibility with an SUV auto lift from 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico. These lifts are available in swing away options as well as models that can be directed by automated controls.

  • VSL 570 Big Lifter by Bruno
  • VSL 6000 Curbsider by Bruno
  • ASL 250 Swing Away Platform by Bruno           
  • VSL 6900 Curbsider with telescoping arm by Bruno
  • SUV Auto Lift by 101 Mobility

Looking for additional information about our SUV auto lifts? Give us a call today at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico with your SUV’s make and model and we’ll discuss your options!

van auto lifts

Van Auto Lifts

101 Mobility of Puerto Rico has several auto lifts compatible with minivans and full-sized vans.  Some of our van auto lift models can be found below!  

  • 101 Mobility Van Auto Lift
  • Bruno VSL 570 Big Lifter
  • Bruno VSL 6900 Curbsider with telescoping arm
  • Bruno ASL 250 with Swing Away Platform
  • Bruno VSL 6000 Curbsider
  • Bruno VSL 4000 Joey
  • Bruno ASL 450 Offset Fold-Away

Think a van auto lift will be ideal for your travel needs? Give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today and we’ll schedule your FREE vehicle evaluation.

wheelchair lifts for pickup trucks

Pickup Truck Auto Lifts

Wherever your travels take you, a pickup truck lift will allow you to travel in convenience and confidence. These unique lifts pick up your mobility device and place it into your truck bed at the push of a button!

Our available models include:

  • Bruno PUL-700
  • Bruno VSL-6900
  • Bruno VSL-6000
  • Bruno ASL-250

Would a truck auto lift improve greatly improve your accessibility on the road? Give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today!

automotive turning seats

Automotive Turning Seats

Valet™ Signature Seating

Have you considered a turning automotive seat? A turning seat helps users enter their vehicle and also helps them safely into or out of a seated position. These seats also gradually turn toward the interior and exterior of the vehicle so very little movement is required on the part of the user. These units can also be installed without permanent modifications to your vehicle!

Our available models are listed below:

  • Valet™
  • Valet™ Plus
  • Valet™ Limited
  • Valet™ LV

Would you like to learn more about our available turning automotive seats? Give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico with your vehicle’s make and model and we can start discussing your options.

bruno pull behind auto lift

Pride Milford Person Lifts

A Milford Person Lift lets you easily transfer from a wheelchair to a seated position in a vehicle. These smart lifts make transfers simple and comfortable with automated controls and a unique sling. This lift can be installed on either the driver’s side or passenger’s side of a vehicle.

  • Compatible with trucks, full sized vans, mini vans, SUVs, sedans and crossovers
  • Lift is powered by a DC battery
  • Emergency switch for additional safety
  • Optional manual operation
  • 330-pund carrying capacity

Call us at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today for more information on the Milford Person Lift!

bruno pull behind auto lift

Hitch Mounted Pull Behind Auto Lifts

The Bruno ASL-700 Chariot

The Bruno ASL-700 allows you to travel knowing that your mobility device is safely in tow behind your vehicle. With this auto lift, your mobility device is transported on an elevated platform on two durable wheels. The Bruno ASL-700 is compatible with many types of vehicles including vans, sedans, and SUVs.

Additional unique features of the Bruno ASL-700 Chariot below:

  • Installation does not require permanent modifications to your vehicle
  • The lift’s independent suspension system allows for secure travel
  • Enjoy traveling up to highway speeds with this lift
  • A spare tire is included
  • Safety related features include obstruction sensors and turn signals
  • The Chariot is smartly engineered to fit several vehicle makes and models
  • Professional installation by factory certified service technicians for total safety and convenience
  • Continue to access your trunk at the push of a button

For more information about the Bruno Chariot and the vehicles with which it’s compatible, please give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today!

Adaptive Assistance Programs

Mobility Assistance for Adaptive Equipment

Several vehicle manufacturers have financial assistance programs that help toward the cost of installation of adaptive equipment.

Automobile manufacturers that currently offer mobility assistance:

  • Acura: For details call Acura Customer Service at 1-800-382-2238
  • Chrysler: For details call Chrysler's Automobility Program Headquarters at 1-800-255-9877 or contactany U.S. Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep dealership for more details.
  • Ford: For details call Ford's Customer Care Center at 1-800-952-2248
  • GM: For details call1-800-323-9935 or TTY 1-800-833-9935
  • Honda: For details call Customer Service: 1-800-999-1009
  • Hyundai
  • Jaguar: For details call 1-800-207-5517 or TTY 1-800-833-0312
  • Lexus: For details call Lexus Customer Satisfaction at 1-800-255-3987 or TDD 1-800-443-4999
  • Mercedes: For details call 1-800-FOR-MERCedes (1-800-367-6372)
  • Nissan: For details call Nissan Consumer Affairs at 1-800-647-7261
  • Subaru: For details call 1-800-SUBARU-3 (1-800-782-2783)
  • Toyota: For details call the Toyota Mobility Assistance Center at 1-800-331-4331
  • Volvo: For details call the Mobility by Volvo Center at 1-800-803-5222

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