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A vertical lift is an excellent way to improve home and public access for wheelchair and scooter users. These intuitive devices allow a user to roll onto a flat and secure platform and at the push of a button they are transported up or down to the next level.

When a customer calls 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico about a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL), they are greeted by a friendly customer service specialist who will help identify the ideal VPL model to fit their property and improve accessibility in their daily lives.

See more information below about our vertical platform lifts available in the Puerto Rico area, or give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today!

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Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts, are an excellent addition to any residence for reliable and convenient accessibility. These units operate much like a traditional elevator and transport the rider directly up and down a track at the push of a button.

Our available VPL models are listed below:

Bruno Vertical Platform Lift

  • 750-pound weight capacity
  • ADA Compliant
  • Automatic operation
  • Non-skid platform surface

Looking for additional information about our VPLs? Give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today!

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Incline Platform Lift for Stairs

Incline platform lifts (IPLs) are very similar to vertical platform lifts. Like a VPL, these lifts allow a rider to travel to different levels of a building but instead of traveling directly up and down, they follow the same frame and trajectory as a staircase.

We have three different types of incline lifts available to our Puerto Rico customers. See their details below:

101 Mobility Incline Lift

  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Non-skid surface for added safety
  • Easy automatic operation via constant pressure switch control
  • Excellent safety obstruction sensors
  • 500-pound carrying capacity

Incline Platform Lift by Butler

  • Lift is ADA compliant
  • Comes with an emergency stop button
  • Controlled by a constant pressure button
  • ASME/VA certified
  • 500-pound carrying capacity

Omega Incline Lift by Savaria

  • Able to travel over a set of stairs and access multiple levels
  • An ADA compliant platform available
  • Rail system mounted along the side of the staircase
  • This lift can even be applied to spiral staircases!

Would an incline lift meet your accessibility needs? Give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today and we’ll review your options!

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Residential Elevators

Home elevators are certainly the most convenient accessibility solution we offer. These energy-efficient and extremely safe residential elevators are a welcome addition to any home and will actually increase your home’s resale value!

At 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico we work to make the home elevator installation process as simple and seamless as possible. When you call our office one of our service professionals will consult with you to identify the best elevator option for your situation. Then one of our factory-trained technicians will visit your home to evaluate the space and take measurements. Once your custom elevator has been built and delivered our professional service team will return to your home to provide a safe and hassle-free elevator installation.

To learn more about our available elevators and the installation process, please give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today!

PVE Home Elevator

  • Depending on model, the cab can hold 1-3 people per trip
  • PVE’s signature suction technology drives the unit
  • The lift’s seamless appearance looks great with any interior
  • No pit required for installation!

Home Elevators by Savaria

  • Eclipse (does not require a separate machine room )
  • Infinity (hydraulic elevator that offers a quiet and smooth ride)
  • Telecab (a “vanishing” elevator travels on a rail built through a cut in the floor)

Looking for more information about our residential elevators? Give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico, we’re always happy to answer your call!