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Stairs are often the first place where someone experiences limited mobility. At 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico, we sell, install, and repair stair lifts from industry leading companies like Harmar, Sterling, Bruno, and our own 101 Mobility brand.

When a customer calls 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico about a stair lift a service professional will work with them to identify the correct stair lift to meet their needs. A professional technician will also visit the customer’s property to ensure their new lift will fit and function properly in its new surroundings. Then, on installation day a friendly installation team will arrive to professionally install your new stair lift!

Long and Short Term Stair Lift Rentals Available!

Bruno stairlift Puerto Rico

Bruno Elite - Straight Rail Stairlift

The Bruno Elite – Straight Rail Stair Lift is a wonderful stair lift solution. Adjustable footrests and armrests allow for complete convenience and easy access.

Bruno Elite-Straight Rail Stair Lift:

  • Professional installation on the left or right hand side of the stairway
  • Adjustable arm rests for ample seat space
  • Excellent safety features
  • Constantly charge the battery through any standard outlet
  • Armrests and footrest flip-up for considerable stairway space
  • Call or send your lift with ease – comes with two wireless remote controls!
  • Safety obstruction sensors
  • Smart locking features prevent use by young children
  • Swiveling stair lift seat for increased mobility
  • Choose from seven different upholstery patterns available!
  • 400-pound carrying capacity

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bruno straight rail stairlift

Bruno Elan – Straight Rail Stairlift

The Bruno Elan is constructed to perform well in a variety of residential settings. Its sleek build and easy-to-use controls make it an ideal stairway assistant for many users.

Check out the Elan’s great features below:

  • Adjustable armrests for added comfort
  • Industry leading safety features
  • Safety obstruction sensors
  • Wireless call/send remotes
  • Ability to last up to 40 trips in a power outage
  • Continuous battery charge from a standard household outlet
  • Seat, arm rests and footplate all foldup for optimal stairway space when lift is not in use
  • 300-pound carrying capacity

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bruno outdoor stairlift

Bruno Outdoor Elite – Straight Rail Stairlift

Consider a Bruno Outdoor Elite stair lift for excellent outdoor access for your deck or patio area. This stair lift is built to withstand the elements, rain or shine.

Check out the Outdoor Elite’s fantastic features:

  • Waterproof stair lift seat covering
  • Weather resistant exterior
  • Great “flip-up” seat option for when the lift is not in use
  • Safety obstruction sensors
  • Powder-coated steel allows for a confident grip
  • Lift is battery powered and operated – will last several trips even in a power outage
  • 400-pound carrying capacity

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bruno curved rail stairlift

Bruno Elite Curve - Custom Curve Rail

Gracefully age in the comfort of home with a Bruno Elite Curved Rail Stair Lift. These specially constructed lifts are designed to fit your home’s staircase without changing its existing structure. These stair lifts are custom measured and installed by our factory-trained 101 Mobility technicians.

Bruno Elite Curve – Custom Curve Rail features below:

  • Lift can be customized to your ideal height
  • Lift is installed directly to your staircase instead of a nearby wall
  • Choose from different “park” positions
  • A wide seat width for added comfort
  • Lift mounts less than seven inches from the wall for plentiful stairway space
  • Lift is powered and charged continuously through a standard outlet
  • Swiveling seat for ease moving to and from stair lift
  • 400-pound weight capacity

To learn more about the Bruno Elite Curved stair lift, give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today!

101 Mobility Intrepid stairlift

101 Mobility Intrepid Stair Lift

The 101 Mobility Intrepid Straight Rail Stair Lift offers both comfort and topnotch performance. Choose from customized controls on the left or right-hand side; you make the decision!

A few key stair lift features are listed below:

  • Helical worm gear drive offers a smooth ride up or down the stairs
  • Lift can last up to 40 trips up and down the stairs in a power outage
  • When not in use, this stairlift parks at a mere 11” profile, the slimmest profile in the industry!
  • Wide seat for comfort and convenience
  • Dynamic seat swivels and adjusts to a comfortable height 
  • Energy efficient continuous charge battery
  • Customize you stairlift controls. Switches can be attached on the left or right arm of the chair for easy maneuverability (excellent for left-handed or right-handed persons)
  • Safety obstruction sensors
  • 350-pound carrying capacity

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Harmar straight rail stairlift

Harmar Straight Rail Stair Lifts

Harmar straight rail stair lifts are built for superior performance and dependability. The lift controls are designed for easy operation and the lift comes with some great features.

See some additional product details below:

  • Helical worm gear drive system delivers energy-efficient smooth operation
  • Reliable emergency stop control
  • Safety obstruction sensors
  • Made in America
  • Easy automatic operation
  • Professional installation on either side of your stairway, you decide!
  • When folded, the stair lift has an 11’’ profile—the slimmest in the industry
  • 350-pound weight limit

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Harmar straight rail stairlift

Harmar Helix Curved Rail Stair Lifts

Consider a custom configured Harmar Helix stair lift to compliment your home’s existing features. Enjoy great accessibility without altering your home!

Check out the features of the Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift below:

  • Lift is built in the standard beige shell, but custom colors are available
  • Smooth whisper-quiet ride
  • Made in the United States
  • True-Curve rail for tighter turning
  • Ergonomically designed seat for added comfort
  • Adjustable flip-back arms
  • Battery can be charged from a standard household outlet
  • Tough power coated steel rail for great performance and aesthetics
  • 350-pound carrying capacity

Looking for more information about the Harmar Helix Stair Lift? Give us a call at 101 Mobility of Puerto Rico today!

101 Sterling Stair Lifts by Handicare

Stair Lifts by Sterling / Handicare

Sterling Stairlifts by Handicare are built for great performance and easy operation.

Check out the features list below for additional information:

  • Convenient automated control
  • Swiveling stair lift seat for a wide arc of movement and easy sitting
  • Signature toggle control on the lift’s remote (user-friendly for clients with specific dexterity needs)
  • Array of upholstery options available
  • Battery powered and can be charged from a standard household outlet

Available models:

  • Sterling Simplicity
  • Sterling Curved Rail Stairlift
  • Sterling 1000 Outdoor Stairlift
  • Sterling 1000 Straight Stairlift

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